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Creative Interior Design Ideas

Creative Interior Design Ideas


Creative & Extravagant Interior Design Ideas That Will Make Your House Incredible

Ingenious Interior Design Ideas


We’ve all got a little bit of an idea of how our dream house might look. Some of us want a pool, and others just want something contemporary and modern. Other people want a more natural look with elements of clever design, sustainability, and adding in natural elements. No matter what makes your dream home great, here are some creative and awesome ideas that inventive people around the world have come up with. These ideas are truly out of the ordinary. Don’t expect to afford many of them, but you might be able to come up with your creative DIY solutions to partially mimic what these folks have come up.


These modern interior design ideas are truly modern. Things like this weren’t done in decades past. Many of the cool interior design ideas presented here wouldn’t even be known about if it weren’t for the Internet. These are ingenious home improvements, and they run from cleverly hidden storage spaces to aquariums and pools in weird places. Have you ever heard of a cat transit system? This article will showcase some of the most innovative interior design ideas from across the net. Don’t get discouraged looking at these interior design ideas. These free home interior ideas should help you come up with your creative DIY solutions.

Aquarium Bed


A bed with an aquarium arch over it might be a little scary at first (who wants an aquarium hanging over their heard?), but it does look awesome when you first see it. And, every night thereafter, you can look up at the fishes in the lighted fish tank. What could be dreamier, weirder, or tripper than that when you’re laying on your bed at night in a daze, after a long night out on the town. Of course, you can turn the light off in the aquarium so you can get some shut-eye, too. It’s more of a great centerpiece to show off to guests, and it’s great to stare up at when you want to zone out and just think.

Creative Chandelier Design That Will Have Your Room Looking Like A Forest


Just turn your lights off and this chandelier on, and the shadows cast from a strangely designed chandelier will look like the silhouettes of trees on your room’s walls. If you’re a big fan of nature, a big fan of art, and a big fan weird interior spaces, then this is one of the interior design ideas that you can pursue in your favorite room (maybe a bedroom living room, or upstairs attic). If you’re serious about creating a surreal environment in a room, then a chandelier that turns your room into a forest is a great idea. Have you ever read the book, Where The Wild Things Are?


Swing Set Table


Now, this is one idea that you could definitely come up with a DIY solution for. You have a table with a sort of canopy over it, and you hang swings all along the railing of the canopy. You can sit up in your chair as if it was a swing. Swing back and forth at the dining table. This is a great interior design idea if you have kids. They will love to play around at the dinner table. Your adult guests will even have more fun at the dinner table.


Put Beach Sand Underneath Your Work Desk


Here is another idea you can definitely afford. Get a big wooden box and fill it with bach sand. Make sure that it is big enough to fit your desk and chair into. Then, put the desk and chair into the box of beach sand. Don’t wear any shoes when you come to work. Just rest your feet in the beach sand. It can really put you in the mood to work. Your creative juices will be flowing, and you will be more relaxed.


Interior Design Ideas Can Be As Creative As You Want Them To Be


As you can see from the examples here, interior design ideas can be as creative as you want them to be. The sky is the limit. The DIY solutions are usually the best, and you won’t spend a fortune. Spend a day thinking up creative ideas and write them down in a notebook.


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