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Great Ideas In Home Interior Design

Great Ideas In Home Interior Design

Quick Home Interior Design Ideas


For reupholstering furniture with vintage curtains to wallpapering a window shade, these quick and simple makeover ideas will make a huge difference in your home.

#1. Put An Awesome Collection On A Dining Room Table


Displaying a collection of Chinese porcelains is a great way to draw guests in to your dining room. You can even have a separate display table along the wall in the dining area to display more exotic and pricey porcelain pieces or small statuettes. The pieces don’t even have to match, exactly, but they should look together as a whole. Just having a set of porcelains on your dining room table instantly makes you look classier and more well-traveled (and definitely more sophisticated).

#2. Hang Up An Interior Curtain


Run a linen curtain along a track spanning a kitchen. It can be pulled to hide all the mess of food preparation. Just look at home interior pictures of this concept if you’re a little unclear on it. Once you see it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t take advantage of this idea years before. You’re probably not going to find this home interior decorating idea in any magazine, though. Don’t get a home interior catalog and expect to see it. It’s a little bit unusual as a concept, and you will probably just have to search for it on Google.


#3. Mix And Match The Bedding Up


You can use a really cool theme in your bedroom, like a nautical theme. The mix-and-match feeling of the patterns and faded batik prints can make these type of sheets feel like a bunch of old textiles brought back from a long time at sea. You can even hang antique cage lights from a canopy bed. You can really make your whole bedroom area feel like something out of a nautical adventure story. Don’t go with boring or tired designs for your bedding. Try to be creative and fun, but don’t be so creative that you turn people off when they see the bed. Just don’t go with the ordinary.


4. Put Up An Antique In The Bathroom


Consider turning a guest bathroom into something out of a period piece film. It doesn’t mean you can’t make it modern and clean, too. Just choose a few antique pieces, like an antique table that can double as a bathroom organizer or a pedestal tub. 

#5. Paint A Cheap Piece Of Furniture White


You can create an airy, bright, and light feeling with a ton of white paint. You can purchase an old table on Craigslist or at an estate sale and give it a whole new look by painting it in a high-gloss white. You can touch up any old piece of furniture


#6. Put A Whole Bunch Of Plates On A Wall


When you cover an entire wall with plates, it’s just the same as covering it with a piece of art. You can hang up a couple of dozen plates, and it will look really modern and unique. Consider a soft color, like a blue hue, so the plates won’t look so obtrusive.


#7. Put Wallpaper On Your Vinyl Window Shades


If you have a roll of wallpaper lying around, then think about using it for the vinyl window shades in one of your rooms, maybe the guest room. Just wallpaper over them. You just have to go for it. It’s kind of a creative and fun idea, an unconventional idea, and maybe you’ll get a few weird looks for doing it, but most of your guests will love how it looks. It really is a unique idea that you don’t see a whole lot of in interior design magazines.


#8. Spruce Up Your Hallways With Turkish Runner Rugs


Use Turkish runner rugs to really spruce up an area. You can use the rugs to draw attention to a reading nook. Vintage carpets can transform a plain hallway into a uniquely decorated space.


These Interior Design Ideas Are Just The Beginning


These ideas aren’t going to bust the bank, and they are easy to pull off. Plus, they add a whole lot of vibrancy and life to any room. Just use these initial ideas as a springboard for coming up with more of your own, or cherry-pick from this list to make any of your rooms better to live in.



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