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How To Design Your Own House

How To Design Your Own House

How To Design Your Own House


So, you’ve chosen to design your own house? It’s no surprise – you, like many creative souls, want to express yourself through your home. After all, you’re probably going to be living in it for decades. Why not make it reflect you, your tastes, and your preferences? 


You might even want to build your own home. Or, you might be OK with designing it and passing the plans on to a professional building team. Do you want to create your own floor plans? Or, do you just want to sketch out the rough designs on paper, maybe come up with some ideas, and then leave it to the professionals to hash out the floor plans? Or, do you just want to design your own virtual house, instead? That might satisfy you creatively. After all, it is a pretty big expense to design your own home for real.

Begin With A Vision To Design Your Own House


You have to get some inspiration before you begin to design your own house. Before you ever pen a single line, you have to talk to an architect, or purchase that great new software application that will let you do it all, think about your dreams. At the very start of the process, it’s not about floor plans or setbacks or board feet. No, forget all that. It’s more about how you want to define the desires. A lot of this you will already understand – it’s your dream, after all!

Go To Your Favorite Neighborhoods


There is a great reason why some neighborhoods are your favorites, and some aren’t. It’s most likely because some of the homes that are there. Don’t think about practicality or price just yet. What you’re really looking for is what inspires you.


Go To Open Houses To Check Out Home Design Ideas


Try to find homes for sale in the neighborhoods that you really live, and after that make weekend open houses a regular thing throughout this phase. Each of those houses will have features that really inspire, and some will have features that you hate. Keep meticulous notes on each of those things. It’s just as crucial to know what you don’t like as it is to know what you do like.


Take Lots Of Photographs Of Any Home Design You Really Like


Shoot from every angle of a house that you like, on the inside and out. You’ll notice a lot more detail in the photographs than you saw when you were there in person, and after going to dozens of homes, they’ll be an excellent way to recall that feature you loved right from the start.


Get Super Organized


Dreaming is great, and it’s essential to have a complete vision for what you want to do, but attaining it will be a lot more trouble if you are always trying to find that little bit of paper you believed you left over there – but can no longer locate.  


  • Get a nice graph-ruled notebook and keep it with you at all times until your home is done. It’s graph-ruled, numbered pages will help you to keep your ideas organized and your sketches really neat. You can use it for anything – to paste or tape photos, write in quotes, add in numbers of contractors, or anything else related to your home design process.
  • Set aside a couple of pages right at the beginning to list things that your home design has to have – whether it’s tile flooring or two bathrooms. These are going to be the things you absolutely have to have in your home.
  • Have another couple of pages to list each feature you want that you’ve come up from your various resources, and then call this your “Wish List”. 


Home Design Can Be Fun


Home design can be fun. Home design can be an adventure, it can be organized, and it can be easy. You just can’t go about it in a haphazard way. You have to approach it in a very organized, clear, and linear way the whole time.

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