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Interior Design Ideas To Get You Started

Interior Design Ideas To Get You Started

Modern Living Room Interior Design Ideas


If you could pick just one room in your home to try out interior design ideas, it should be the living room. If you could pick just one room in your whole home to put your heart and soul into, the living room should be right up there at the top of your list of choices. It’s that prized space that sets the tone for the rest of the house. Try out your modern interior design ideas here, because it’s a very flexible and versatile space to sample things out in. Take a look at some of our free home interior design ideas to help get you started.

Some Modern Interior Design Ideas At-A-Glance


  • If your living room seems just too red, then tone it down with some white. Some white wall accents and a painted white fireplace, and coffee table will help down the red. That goes for any color that seems too bright or off-putting. If one color is standing out, tone it down with white. White is an ultra-modern color. Consider some silver or marble furnishings to bring the room into line with a more contemporary look, too.
  • The secret to mixing patterns is to choose a color theme – blues, browns, and reds, perhaps – and then use large swaths of color to keep the space anchored.
  • You can pack a whole lot into your living – even a complete dining set – if you keep your furnishings light, airy, and unobtrusive. An open-weave coffee table, Lucite chairs, and a wall of windows can keep the place from feeling way too cramped.
  • Try white on white. You really can’t muck things up with an all-white space. It is extremely elegant, and it always has been. To stop it from feeling like a hospital room, try to introduce different textures into the room. A rug, a rough-hewn fabric sofa, and a faux sheep fur blanket can all add depth to an otherwise boring monochromatic look.
  • Create a great little reading nook. Set aside a nice little quiet moment in y our living room to tempt you to a little reading time. Drag a cozy chair up near a window or right next to a bookshelf and ensure that you have enough light for some great late-night page-turning.
  • Create a nice little updated little and give tradition a great twist when you use old standby pieces in new ways – a Chesterfield sofa, bamboo chairs – and all in really bright colors. Take those old pieces of furniture, so popular and familiar in the 1950s, and bring them back in a new and modern way, but with a retro look.
  • Have an extra-large coffee table for playing your games on. The new way to have a game night is to have an extra-big coffee table with a robust shape. It’s a modern take on a traditional game table. You can invite friends over for game night and have a blast in your living room, with the TV on in the background. If it has a tall edge, it will keep the drinks and board pieces from sliding down onto the floor.
  • Touch up your living room with the newest trends. Update your living room just like you would update your wardrobe – with a couple of new accessories each season. A neutral room is an easy canvas for a couple of pops of pattern and color – a leopard blanket, a zebra pillow, and a metallic table.
  • Sleek metal touches can give a room a classy, sophisticated air. The different elements of the room can all be glossed in chic silver for a really elegant look.

Modern Interior Design Ideas Don’t Have To Cost You A Lot


From the tips we’ve listed here, it is easy to see that it doesn’t cost a lot to give your living room a modern touch. You can imbue your living room with a great modern aesthetic without doing any real remodeling or renovation. All you have to do is spend some money on some furniture pieces, blankets, and accents – and possibly paint the room. If all goes well in the living room, then think about moving it out to the rest of the house.



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