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Modern Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Modern Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Thinking About Modern Kitchen Renovation?


Learn from the best in the field how to increase spaciousness and style with modern design elements and layouts that incorporate sleek finishes, concealed storage options, and a simplified color palette. Contemporary kitchen renovation can transform the look of a kitchen space.


The easy modern design aesthetic is a perfect match for any tiny kitchen because it offers efficient and spare design details – from smart concealed storage options and clean furnishings to neutral color palettes – that come together to make for the illusion of a bigger area. Mix these design details together in your little kitchen for the best modern update.


Modern kitchen renovation is your ticket to a cleaner, sparer, inviting, sleeker, and more spacious-looking kitchen.


Sleek, chic, structure, and hard are some of the many words that come to mind when you think about modern design elements. Very often, these traits are seen in a cabinetry system; smooth countertops, instead of rounded edges; and smooth stainless steel hardware and fixtures, which are inviting and interesting. On the subject of modern design countertops, slate and metal are popular options for their industrial feel, style, and durability. Match these materials with complementary materials like glass, which can be used in the backsplash, or a fabric dining cloth and leather seating.


Modern design has a kind of minimalism that goes together with the pared-down look of a small kitchen. You should reduce the kitchen down to the bare necessities, hide some features, and integrate features like multi-tasking. First of all, get rid of the extras like pendant lights for hassle-free recessed lighting, and trade space-hogging appliances for models that can be hidden away in drawers. Next, make a little place for everything and keep everything in its place. Think about full-height cabinets or a pullout pantry. You might even go for open shelves to have more display space – which can make the kitchen look bigger, too. Exposed cabinetry can go a long way to creating the illusion of spaciousness. Open shelving creates a feel of airiness while displaying a small, organized stack of glasses and dishes. 


Make your kitchen feel like it has more space by adding a neutral, modern color palette. A monochromatic color palette can make your kitchen feel a lot more spacious. If you have a motley mix of colors, elements, and textures, your small kitchen can start to feel really cramped. You can begin to feel like the clutter and chaos is overwhelming your senses. You want to go in the other direction toward a simpler, cleaner aesthetic. The uniformity of a monochromatic color palette – sleek grey and pure white – gives off the impression of spaciousness in a cramped space. You might consider black and white color combinations, too.  If you feel that is a little too plain, think about adding in a single accent color. Modern kitchen renovation doesn’t necessarily mean monochromatic.


Keep in mind that tiny kitchen designs necessitate some thoughtful planning on furnishings, as well. Consider clean-lined seating, like stools that can be hidden away under bars or kitchen islands. Think about a dining table and chairs that have a minimalistic design, which reduce clutter.

Modern Kitchen Renovation Trends


CABINETRY: Gone are the days of overwrought and highly detailed cabinets. Homeowners are replacing them with full overlay slab panel drawer and door fronts.


COUNTER TOPS: Marble and light-colored quartz countertops are becoming more popular. Granite is still popular, but heavily veined, multi-tonal granite is going down in use. 


HARDWARE: Decorative pulls are going the way of the dinosaur, and finger pulls are in. These kinds of pulls can be cut into the lip of the panel or tiny finger grabs that rest on top of the door. In either case, the aim is to have less visual clutter.


STAINLESS STEEL: Did stainless steel really ever go out of fashion? Name brands are still really big, like GE Monogram, Miele, Dacor, Viking, and Sub-Zero. If you ever wanted proof the popularity of these brands, just look at how many modern homes are still using them. Open up the real estate section of your local newspaper. Take a look at the high-end homes. 


Modern Kitchen Renovation Is A Much Better Choice


Modern kitchen renovation is far superior to classic or traditional kitchen design, because the minimalism, overall clean look, sharp lines, and smooth surfaces give you more comfort and peace of mind. Your family will appreciate the hard work and money you put into a renovation, to make it look modern. Kitchen renovation costs can be prohibitive, but a little creativity in the area of do it yourself kitchen remodeling can make it a little easier on the wallet. Pick and choose from a few kitchen remodeling ideas, if you have a limited budget.


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