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Quick Home Renovation Fixes

Quick Home Renovation Fixes

Home Renovation Is Easier Than You Think


We’ve assembled a list of super-fast repairs that you can get done in no time. Home renovation doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. House renovations don’t have to break the bank. These house renovation ideas will make you feel a whole lot better about the prospect – they’re lightning-fast, cheap, and easy to do. Oh, and by the way, if you’re ever sure about a home renovation project, use a home renovation costs estimator.

Quiet Down Those Squeaky Stairs And Floors With This Simple Home Renovation Fix


You don’t need to worry about waking up guests in the middle of the night when you sneak down to grab a midnight snack. Just tighten up those floorboards and stair treads so you don’t wake up the entire house. At most hardware stores and home centers there are Squeeeeek-No-More screws. What they do is pin the flooring tight to the joists, or the stair treads to the stringers, respectively; basically, their heads snap off, and they leave behind a 1/8-inch-wide hole in the finished surface. The holes will disappear into the carpeting. If you have wood floors, fill up the holes with a little wax filler stick in a color that matches.

Unclog A Bathroom Sink 


The best solution is to take out the P-trap, flush the clog out, and then reinstall the trap. You can also attempt clearing the clog from above. It’s possible that you won’t even need the wrench in the toolbox. All you have to do is unscrew the black-and-socket connection that keeps the assembly together in the back part of the sink, slide the rod out, and take out the pop-up stopper. The glob – or at least enough of it to get the drain flowing once more – will probably come out on the tip of the stopper.


Keep Stainless Steel Looking Great 


If you hate the fingerprints all over your stainless steel appliances, then never use a stainless steel cleaner. A lot of these products have naphtha, which will leave an oily film that will attract smears and dust every time you touch it. Use a glass cleaner instead, but make sure it doesn’t have alcohol or ammonia in it. Try the ones made by Method or Restore.


Hid Those Scratches In The Woodwork 


You can cover a damaged finish on fine woodwork or antique furniture by applying a coat of wax, like Briwax, or a polishing fluid, also called scratch cover, which will just make those fine scratches basically disappear.

Tighten Up A Loose Screw


Those tiny fasteners that hold everything together are called set screws. They hold everything from towel hooks and toilet paper on their brackets to doorknobs. It’s hard to get some screws to remain set, though. Try a little Threadlocker from Loctite. It’s an adhesive that’s like superglue, and it’s powerful enough to stop the screw from coming out. 


Cover Up A Musty Smell With This Home Renovation Trick


Potpouri and scented candles may help to mask odors in cramped areas, but here’s a great solution for the entire house if you have forced-air heating: Take a couple of drops of vanilla extract and put them on the furnace filter. The blower in the system will then spread the sweet fragrance throughout the house. If the heat is on, all you have to do is set the system on fan only.


Home Renovation Is Cheaper Than You Think


These home renovation tips that we’ve covered here should make it really easy to see that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to fix up your house in important ways. These simple and inexpensive fixes can make your house function a whole lot better, and you won’t have to spend much real money.


These DIY tips should give hope to all homeowners that they can come up with easy and inexpensive solutions that keep them from having to call expensive contractors and spend more than they can really afford.


There is no reason you should rush to the phone to call a contractor every time something goes wrong with your home.










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