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Quick Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Quick Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Planning on doing some kitchen remodeling? Get inspired with some of our kitchen remodeling ideas. We listed nearly dozen quick kitchen remodeling ideas & tips that will get you started.


Quick Kitchen Remodeling Ideas & Tips


Are You Afraid Of Starting A Kitchen Remodeling Project On Your Own? Go To Home Depot First.


These quick kitchen remodeling ideas will get you started. Consider visiting a Home Depot and talking to a Home Depot kitchen remodeling expert if you’re not sure how to proceed with any of these tips below. You don’t want to waste money, effort, or time on your DIY kitchen remodel. Why not consult an expert first? Kitchen remodeling can be fun – especially when you have options, help, and expertise at your fingertips.


CHOOSE OPEN SHELVES AS OPPOSED TO UPPER CABINETS: Install open shelves instead of upper cabinets because you’ll have more space to display things and make a tiny kitchen feel bigger. You should install the shelves at the same height as the upper cabinet.


UPDATE YOUR APPLIANCES: One of the most common kitchen updates is putting in environmentally-conscious energy-efficient appliances. Everyone is “going green” now. Think about an ENERGY STAR-certified appliance, a dishwater designed to save water, or an energy-efficient double oven.


UPGRADE YOUR HARDWARE: You can imbue your kitchen with a lot more pizzazz  with upgraded cabinet hardware. Get a more well-rounded look with a combination of pulls and knobs that have the same style.


DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR CELINGS: Add a burst of color and some texture. There are ceiling tiles designed to mirror the appearance of antique tin files, and they will click together just like floor surfaces made out of laminate. They can then be painted to match any color palette.


MAKE A BIG SPLASH: You can’t go wrong with the traditional white subway tile with beveled edges. It is a cheap, yet powerful, backsplash material. Think about a herringbone pattern to infuse a little movement and interest to walls.


COUNTER FIT: Get the texture and look of stone, but the perks of laminate. A laminate can mimic the look of the real thing for a minute portion of the price.


PAINT IT: Freshen up your ceilings, cabinets, and walls with a nice coat of paint. It’s one of the cheapest, quickest, and simplest kinds of updates you can do.


NEVER HEAR UNPLEASANT CABINET NOISES AGAIN: Install some soft-close glides and hinges – and never hear unpleasant slamming drawers and doors.


BRIGHTEN UP THE ROOM: Brighten up your room a lot with ceiling lights, mini pendants, and under-cabinet lighting. You can add a whole other dimension of control if you get a dimmer.


CUSTOMIZE THINGS: Laminate shelves will mirror the appearance of the countertops. Tell your countertop installer to design the shelves. Put in stylish metal brackets for additional support and to match the metallic tones of the faucet, hardware, and appliances.


THINK DIFFERENTLY ABOUT THE SINK: An apron-front, top-mount sink is ideal for remodels – it needs only a rough cut to the existing cabinetry, and it can be matched with most kinds of countertop materials. You can top the whole thing off with a high-arc faucet with a hidden pull-down sprayer.


BUILD STORAGE RIGHT IN: You should add floor-to-ceiling custom wine storage to the side of a standard refrigerator for a cool built-in look.


MAKE EVERYTHING LOOK PRETTIER The answer to the ideal pantry is really simple – keep it organized and tidy.


SPICE IT UP A LITTLE: Try to make every single inch of storage count with cool door-mounted shelves. They can make use of wasted space and are ideal for keeping spices nearby to you.


INTEGRATE A MESSAGE BOARD: You can add a chalkboard right on the inside of the of the pantry door to display recipes and notes. If you want a really cheap solution, just get a magnetic whiteboard for your refrigerator.


USE LARGE LABELS: Make it really simple to find your favorite cooking staples. Just plaster labels onto jars and canisters with label sets you can download and print onto your own adhesive-back labels.


Kitchen Remodeling Can Be Fun, Quick, & Inexpensive


Kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to be tough or such an exhausting pursuit. As you can see from our kitchen remodeling tips, you can take any number of steps that don’t take more than a few days or a few hundred dollars.


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